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Michael and Aileen Love Story Wedding Video

by Reality on April 7, 2009

Michael and Aileen love story wedding video.

Michael was enrolled at AIM when one afternoon Aileen called up. He thought it was just the usual sweet talks but he was wronged.

The Australian immigration reviewed Aileen’s application once more and decided to re-offer the permanent resident visa to her. This decision meant that Aileen had to separate from Michael physically.

Michael knows the risk his entering but he believes that as long as their love for each other is true they will be able to go through with it.

Aileen approached Michael with a decided mind but with a weak heart. Through he was very sad, he agreed to let her go to Australia but on the condition that they won’t end the relationship. Aileen was very happy to hear that. She knows that in spite of the distance they can make it work.

It was a very long distance relationship for them…statistic show that 99% of long distance relationship will not last…but Michael and Aileen are proud that they proved them wrong…

Watch the directors cut of the Love Story Wedding Video. I also included this video in our DVD Sampler 4.0

Michael Guillermo and Aileen Mallion wedding
1 August 2008
Manila Penninsula Hotel
Santuario de San Antonio

Reality Wedding Video is a wedding video that captures a range of emotions, touching the very heart of viewers produced by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines.

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