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Malaysian Couple 9.9.9, 9am Wedding in Manila

by Reality on September 15, 2009

Alex and Beatrice 9.9.9 at 9am Wedding in Manila.

Why in the Philippines? Alex and Beatrice, both Malaysians, have decided to be wed at San Agustin Church last September 9, 2009 at 9am. The reason? It’s simple: Alex and Beatrice are Christian Catholics. They were greatly attracted to the churches in Manila, specially San Agustin Church.

Beatrice first contacted me as early as March of this year, from then on, we became constant Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook buddies. Two weeks before the wedding, I met Alex and Beatrice in Manila to help them find a photographer, gown designer, florist, bridal car and restaurant reservations. Would you believe that I even decided the menu for the reception at Barbara’s in Intramuros? It was really cool.

Anyways, 9.9.9 came and I instantly became a wedding coordinator. It’s quite hard doing wedding videography while coordinating. Whew…But since Alex and Beatrice and party was just a small group, it’s not hard to handle the wedding prep and wedding ceremony.

The reception was so simple because a grand reception will be happening on January in Malaysia, which I’m going to document also. The reception at Barbara’s was more on a simple lunch treat of the couple for their guests, but surprisingly, it was fun. I’m so amazed on how they celebrate such occasions. It’s entirely different from the way we celebrate. Well, I don’t understand most of the conversations, but I was surprised that so many Filipino words are used by them also.

The best part were the events after the wedding. Me and my family were also at the hotel to accompany them for the shopping around the Metro, dinner at Kamayan-Saisaki, and of course, the tattoo sessions. Thanks to Led Tuyay of Kamikazee for the tattoo artist who agreed to come over at the hotel.

So many more stories to tell but I guess I have to end it here. To Alex and Beatrice, when I go to Malaysia, I hope I will not get lost in your malls, too, LOL.

A wedding video highlight will be edited to be shown at the Malaysian wedding reception.

And wedding video teaser soon…

Alex Chua and Beatrice Peter wedding
9 September 2009
Wedding preps at the Manila Pavilion Hotel
Ceremony at San Agustin Church
Manila Reception at Barbara’s Restaurant, Intramuros

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