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Philip and Len Wedding Videos

by Reality on February 2, 2009

Up to now, this is one of my favorite same day edit wedding video. New York themed wedding of Philip and Len were originally posted at and were also included in our DVD Sampler 3.0

Wedding Reception Highlights

Philip Ronald Regondola and Marilen Dalistan Wedding
18 January 2008
Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
Santuario de San Jose
Wack-wack Golf and Country Club

Buddy Gancenia , a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines created Reality Wedding Video that utilizes interviews and behind-the-scenes footages.

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I’ve been blogging wedding events for quite sometime now and today I thought of blogging our own wedding, after all its our 13th wedding anniversary.

To Kay, my wife, as I’m always telling you, I can’t imagine living life without you (taken from one of our clients’ wedding vow). Yes, after 13 years of blood, sweat and tears…(again taken from another client’s

wedding vow) all we need is love (taken from our latest client’s wedding).

But the best reason in blogging about our anniversary was the letter we received from our eldest daughter Yael. Here it goes…

Beloved Mom and Dad,

I always thought of you as a cute couple despite of your ages. I can see that your romance still hasn’t yet faded though you always say it does so. Well, I wish that you can still find happiness with each other even with us and without us later.

It’s your humor Dad, and your cheerfulness Mom, that make things seem perfect and safe. It’s your practicality Mom, and your idealism Dad, that balance and make things right. It’s your wits Mom, and your smarts Dad, that help us get through almost anything.

I thank God I have Buddy Gancenia, the wedding videographer/director/writer (yes)/ producer/ cook (yes) as my techie Dad. And Catherine Gancenia, a reason why we’re still happy and surviving, as my Mom.

This, a letter of flattering words of truth, I wrote for you to thank you guys for everything. We’ll always stay together. Happy Anniversary!

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, is a wedding video beyond the traditional music video style production.

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Dennis and Jencel Wedding Videos

by Reality on January 27, 2009

Jencel was a co-worker at ABS-CBN. We used to call her Jenga. She worked as a segment producer for Victim Undercover and I was the master editor. So most of the time, we spent long hours at the editing bay. During coffee breaks, we talk about life. Ah, one of our unforgettable talks was my plan to produce a documentary about the trading traditions at the fish fort in Malabon. Jengga was so willing to help me for the project. But, the docu did not materialize. We then eventually lost contact.

Then one day I got a message from my blog. Yup, Jennga is getting married!!! And I’m doing her wedding videos

Watch the same day edit.

Watch the Well-wishers segment.

Dennis Anguluan and Jencel Marcial Wedding
23 January 2009
Preps at Diamond Hotel
Ceremony at Malate Church
Reception at Fort Santiago Intramuros

Reality Wedding Video is created by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, wherein no two Reality Wedding Videos are alike.

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