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10.10.10 Lory and Rea Wedding in Iloilo

by Reality on October 14, 2010

10.10.10 Lory and Rea Same Day Edit (SDE) from Reality Wedding Video on Vimeo.

10.10.10. I guess every wedding supplier has their own wedding event on that day, and we all know the reason. But for Lory and Rea, this is very significant day for them since this year is their 10th anniversary as a couple, which is why we had a dinner date scene for the prenup wedding video with a cake as our props.

Okay let’s discuss the prenup shooting in Subic. We didn’t have much planning about the location, we just discussed it during the pre-production meeting as a potential location, and then that’s it.

We had a stop at the middle of SCTEX to establish a travel scene. Most of the places we went to were familiar places but we didn’t have prior arrangements for the shooting. However we had good timing allowing us to shoot our requirements without so much hassle. I love the ice cream scene, the beach, the balloon, and the dinner scene. By accident we were able to spot an elevated area overlooking Subic. It was a private subdivision, and the guard just allowed us to enter, probably mistaking us for homeowners. Of all the scenes taken, I love this one the most because it is a magnificent location.

Wedding in Iloilo

this is something I like about an out of town wedding. I have the time to take footages arriving at the city at least a day before the wedding. The rehearsal at the church was documented too. I can say the wedding day turned out smooth specially that we were staying in that same hotel where the on-the wedding preparations and reception took place, making our same day editing strategic.

I love the concept combining the prenup and same day edit wedding video. I will be making more videos like this with my up-coming wedding events.

Lory and Rea wedding was held last October 10, 2010 at Fatima Parish in Iloilo City.

Reality Wedding Video is created by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, wherein no two Reality Wedding Videos are alike.

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