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50 Years For You: Gil and Rosing Gancenia Golden Wedding Anniversary

by Reality on December 30, 2009

28 December 2009. My uncle Gil and Auntie Rosing celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at St. Joseph Parish Church in our home town Balungao, Pangasinan.

Uncle Gil is the younger brother of my father. Early this morning, my mother who is based in the states called, and was too excited on the updates regarding the wedding. The rest of the Gancenia family was unaware that December 28 is actually the wedding anniversary of my parents, and was supposedly also celebrating the golden anniversary if only my father is still in this world today. Uncle Gil and Auntie Rosing got married on January 28, 1960, a month after my parents’ wedding. The wedding was celebrated a month earlier because of the best availability of everybody from the 1st family.

My works for the same day edit wedding video started form choosing the right music. After two hours of researching in my music library, I stumbled upon John Denver’s For You. I got the feeling the music will be loved by my uncle. True enough, he is familiar with John Denver and love the song.

I also decided to interview my cousins to be included in the edit. The interview lasted for almost an hour recorded running time, more than enough insights I needed for the video. I got so many touching stories from their childhood like when kuya Rommel was 4 years old, and his parents gave him a bath as every parent enjoyed and appreciated their kids. Kuya Rogel also shared, he often see his parents spend time praying together inside the mosquito net at night.

Lots of inspiration too from ate Nanette as she inspired her siblings to excel, strive and succeed as poverty is not a hindrance to succeed in life. Who will not burst into tears when Kuya Rhoel admits his mistakes by disobeying his parents when he was still a teenager, added that he fully understand them now as he himself is a parent?

And finally, they all expressed their thank you’s to their parents by giving them the best gift – the 50th golden wedding anniversary celebration.

It was an overwhelming experience creating a video for your own family. A bit sad this will not happen to my parents, but given the chance to do it for my uncle gave me the feeling that I already did the same with my parents.

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, is a wedding video beyond the traditional music video style production.

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