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A Japanese – Filipino Christian Wedding: Nobuyuki and Elena Kiyozuka Wedding Videos

by Reality on July 24, 2009

One of a kind Hello Kitty themed wedding of Nobuyuki and Elena Kiyozuka, a Japanese – Filipino Christian wedding held at Patio Isabel y Jardin on July 18, 2009.

When I asked Ms. Elena why “Hello Kitty”, she said, it’s her favorite cartoon character. Her bedroom in Japan is a Disney Land full of Hello Kitty. Name it and she all have them in different forms, shapes and sizes. She also added that she grew up in a poor family that can’t even afford to buy any stuff toys, and so this time, collecting Hello Kitty is her recreation and past time. She also added that given her past, she is proud of her humble beginnings.

Mr. Nobuyuki was in full support. He knows this makes her bride happy, and so he involved himself also in looking for unique Hello Kitty wedding souvenirs.

Now, the same day edit wedding video is full of feelings. Truly personal vows are coming from within, and the video captured as it is, revealing the heart and soul of the couple.

The Love Story wedding video is an overpowering love story. Her life as she struggled to survive together with her son Yoshihiro who was just 5 years old then. She met Nobuyuki, and they started as a friends, business partners and advisers. Without their knowing they fell in love. The couple’s love affair was unknown to the people around them for 16 years.

The final edited wedding video is not only a situation of heartfelt emotions but a mix of funny scenes as well. Given the personality of the bride, who will not laugh out loud while she is wearing her wedding gown…?

Wedding Highlight production soon…

We all enjoyed, even the witty yet very sensible couple themselves, the post wedding interview. And also they were very kindhearted.

Nobuyuki and Elena Kiyozuka wedding
18 July 2009
Patio Isabel y Jardin

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