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Company I.D.

The Reality Wedding Video Company I.D. Version 3: “REALITY TV” approach from 32 wedding events. This video contains choice footages from 32 wedding events, ranging from travel scenes and finishing touches the day before the wedding, the bride and groom preparation, to scenes inside the bridal car, walking down the aisle, church rites, location pictorials, [...]


Reality Wedding Video Company ID Version 2 by Buddy Gancenia. In this video, we features interesting wedding elements, including personal effects of both the bride and groom, and gives them a nostalgic treatment fit for posterity. The sincere voice of the introspective bride whose wedding prayer is that “God will make us who He wants [...]

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A wedding is more than just walking down the aisle… a wedding can also have suspense, drama and comedy. What ever kind of wedding you have, it will always be…special. Preserve the memories of your special day as they happen in a video that is more than a video…it’s REALITY. ———- Buddy Gancenia , a [...]

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