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I love you to bits – John Paul and Dyaneh Same Day Edit Wedding Video

by Reality on February 27, 2009

The most poetic wedding vow written for Same Day Edit Wedding Video. Written by John Paul and Dyaneh. Here it goes…

On the wedding day:
Dyaneh: We want to be fully conscious that a wedding is not just a day. It’s not just an event, but a holy sacrament and a beautifully conceived process that we would do a thousand times over.

John Paul: In this day of our love’s wonderful unfolding, we forget all about loneliness or aloneness. We’re at the highest scale of happiness. We’ve gone through highs and we’re settling down.

And if something screws up today, that only means we will have something to laugh about 20 years from now.

On the wedding preparations:
Dyaneh: We’ve prepared for a year and our preparations gave us a good stash of memories. We made a lot of choices, discerning choices, imagined what’s possible, and it led to this quiet little beautiful spectacle.

John Paul: Every decision we made about the wedding, every idea she conceived made me love Dyaneh more. Everything from envelope linings, to place cards or escort cards, table numbers, menu cards, to her choice of table-top flowers, she never ceases to amaze me with how everything she touches becomes wonderful.

Dyaneh: Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream.’ It’s how we honestly feel now as we look back into our life together and everything that happened. And it’s how we want to see the dreamy future ahead.

John Paul: The greatest, the most profound joy of the day is sharing our scores of solemnity and glee to our guests–to all those who came on board with us in this blissful trip.

On the Church:
Dyaneh: Being in Caleruega again reaffirms our decision to get married here – the view of Mt. Batulao is spectacular, the flowers are in bloom, and you slip into an instant transformation towards serenity and sincerity.

John Paul: When I was young I had a lot of retreats and recollections in Calereuga. It left an indelible imprint and it still leaves me positively awed. Aside from spiritual redemption, it’s a wonderful church to make and fulfill promises, to say, like James Joyce in Ulysses, yes I will, yes.

Final Message to Dyaneh:
Let’s never be tired of being this happy. I love you with a love that is certain. I love you with a love that can never be equated.

Final Message to John Paul:
Let’s just go, unafraid of where our dreams, where the wind would take us. Let’s ride in this tide of excitement, in this air of bliss. I love you with a love that grows with greater intensity each day. I love you to bits.

John Paul Abanilla and Diane Roldan Wedding
22 February 2009
Ceremony at Caleruega Church
Reception at Sonya’s Garden

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, is a wedding video much like a TV reality show.

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