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Joseph and Lourdes Same Day Edit Wedding Video

by Reality on July 27, 2010

Believe me – we had this special treatment for this couple! I believe the Same Day Edit Wedding Video was a simple and light – yet heartfelt – video presentation. Joseph and Lourdes being a close friend of our cousin Aira, we had this instant feeling of closeness with them. Of course, we are always like this toward our other clients, but this couple was different. We were more like a big brother and a big sister to them. In fact, Joseph calls my wife, Cathy, using her private family nickname.

So much stories to tell but I would just summarize it by sharing Lourdes’ testimony in my Facebook wall. Here it is.

Lourdes Castro Cruz Kuya Buddy and ate Kaye grabe super thank you…the BEST talaga kayo guys! D nmen gnun kaexpect na after our wedding dun na mag-end ung closeness nten pero hindi pala napamahal na kau samen… kung pde lang magpakasal kme ( joseph ) palage at kau parin ang pagkakatiwalaan nmen to shoot our wedding… remember nung firs…t na magmeet tayo ung hospitality nyo pag entertain iba na,parang matagal na tau magkakilala…. nakakatawa pa kse kau pa ung hinuli nmen na sabihan na ok kau na magcover ng wedding nmen buti nalang at wala pang iba nakasked..tas nginarag pa nmen kau na la pa kme photographer at kau pa nagrefer ng photographer smen at nagtiwala kme agad kse we trust u.. at d nmn kme nagkamali grabe the best din ung photography nmen…( Bryan Yap ) Kuya Buds expert na video camera pero mahiyain pag sya na ang kukuhanan…heheh… your so kind, amazing, and the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you so Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER ASTIG!!!!!!!!!!!!YOURE ONE OF A KIND!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS!!!!

The wedding was held last July 24. Wedding day preps at the Pacific Wave in San Jose Del Monte City in Bulacan. Chruch ceremony at the St. Peter Church in Commonwealth, Quezon City. And Wedding reception at The Garden also in Quezon City.

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, is a wedding video much like a TV reality show.

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