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Nino and Olga Cinematic Prenup Wedding Video

by Reality on December 22, 2009

Normally a prenup video is a day location shooting. But for Nino and Olga’s prenup video, it took us 4 days in Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. This definitely gives edges over my other prenup wedding videos.

I admit I was a bit pressured with Nino, since he wanted me to produce something I’m not known for. He wanted me to create cinematic music video instead of my forte, the documentary-reality wedding video. I was forced to visit other wedding videographers’ websites to meet his requirements. This is to make sure we have the same expectations,and then I applied my own style.

I’m so happy with the outcome. I’m so satisfied to the point I showed this to my daugher Yael and she shared it, adding “I must learn how to make something this ‘super-awesome’.”

Wedding Day:

Nino was hands on in all aspects of the wedding not to mention the wedding videos. He contributed a lot in shooting the product shots. Even during the reception, he approached me to remind me that he wanted the fireworks to be included in the same day edit wedding video.

We’ll not forget this couple. Nino and Olga – simply the best.

Reality Wedding Video is created by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, wherein no two Reality Wedding Videos are alike.

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