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Malaysian Couple 9.9.9, 9am Wedding in Manila

by Reality on September 15, 2009

Alex and Beatrice 9.9.9 at 9am Wedding in Manila.

Why in the Philippines? Alex and Beatrice, both Malaysians, have decided to be wed at San Agustin Church last September 9, 2009 at 9am. The reason? It’s simple: Alex and Beatrice are Christian Catholics. They were greatly attracted to the churches in Manila, specially San Agustin Church.

Beatrice first contacted me as early as March of this year, from then on, we became constant Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook buddies. Two weeks before the wedding, I met Alex and Beatrice in Manila to help them find a photographer, gown designer, florist, bridal car and restaurant reservations. Would you believe that I even decided the menu for the reception at Barbara’s in Intramuros? It was really cool.

Anyways, 9.9.9 came and I instantly became a wedding coordinator. It’s quite hard doing wedding videography while coordinating. Whew…But since Alex and Beatrice and party was just a small group, it’s not hard to handle the wedding prep and wedding ceremony.

The reception was so simple because a grand reception will be happening on January in Malaysia, which I’m going to document also. The reception at Barbara’s was more on a simple lunch treat of the couple for their guests, but surprisingly, it was fun. I’m so amazed on how they celebrate such occasions. It’s entirely different from the way we celebrate. Well, I don’t understand most of the conversations, but I was surprised that so many Filipino words are used by them also.

The best part were the events after the wedding. Me and my family were also at the hotel to accompany them for the shopping around the Metro, dinner at Kamayan-Saisaki, and of course, the tattoo sessions. Thanks to Led Tuyay of Kamikazee for the tattoo artist who agreed to come over at the hotel.

So many more stories to tell but I guess I have to end it here. To Alex and Beatrice, when I go to Malaysia, I hope I will not get lost in your malls, too, LOL.

A wedding video highlight will be edited to be shown at the Malaysian wedding reception.

And wedding video teaser soon…

Alex Chua and Beatrice Peter wedding
9 September 2009
Wedding preps at the Manila Pavilion Hotel
Ceremony at San Agustin Church
Manila Reception at Barbara’s Restaurant, Intramuros

Buddy Gancenia , a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines created Reality Wedding Video that utilizes interviews and behind-the-scenes footages.

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Rommel and Marivic Same Day Edit Wedding Video

by Reality on September 7, 2009

A good wedding video always starts with a good concept. The real challenge for a wedding videographer is to execute the said concept given the limited editing time for the Same Day Edit wedding video.

Kiko and Eileen Same Day Edit is a perfect example of a perfect concept. Rommel was present during that wedding event and he told us that he was impressed. That was 3 years ago, but Rommel and Marivic booked us to be their wedding videographer as well.

Rommel and Marivic Same Day Edit wedding video has its own challenges. How the two met is an important part in the video. Marivic is a friend of Kiko, while Rommel is a cousin of Eileen. Therefore, it was Kiko and Eileen who introduced the two to each other.

It was a long distance relationship. Rommel is based in L.A. while Marivic is in Manila. Their day-to-day typical life apart is by going online everyday. The couple wanted a chatting session to be included too in the same day wedding video.

It took me a hard time documenting the chatting session from two different hotel rooms. Imagine directing two scenes in two different locations but you can only be in one location. Well, I can say it was all worth it. These kinds of requests set apart our wedding videography style from the rest of Philippine wedding videographers.

Rommel Rufon and Marivic Jamilla wedding
5 September 2009
Wedding preps and reception at the Renaissance Hotel
Ceremony at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, is a wedding video beyond the traditional music video style production.

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Kamlesh and Manju Love Story Wedding Video

by Reality on September 7, 2009

An Indian wedding reception is very different from Filipino wedding reception.

An Indian wedding reception normally is a showcase of talents, usually dance production numbers and skits, from the family and friends while the couple will watch and will be entertained like the king and queen.

Kamlesh and Manju on the other hand had this idea to change the typical Indian wedding reception a bit by incorporating the love story wedding video for the dances and production numbers. The videos were used as introductions for all the performances.

It was a brilliant idea and first of its kind – telling your love story through video and at the same time serves as an introduction for all the performances during the wedding reception.

Most of all, this love story wedding video is futuristic. I’ve never encountered a couple like Kamlesh and Manju before, having this kind of idea, creating a love story wedding video, that is actually a simulation of married life scenarios 10 years after the wedding.

So guys, what you will watch is not actually happening yet. It is fictional only.

Again, this video is originally divided into several chapters for the said purpose. I re-edited this version into a whole video presentation to share, though some parts showed in the reception, I did not put here. Watch the love story wedding video.

Reality Wedding Video is created by Buddy Gancenia, a wedding video producer and videographer in the Philippines, wherein no two Reality Wedding Videos are alike.

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