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Intramuros wedding

I’ve already done many love story wedding videos for couples with long distance relationships – so yes, many times I’ve seen long distance relationships work! Mitchel and Lux is the newest addition to the Reality Wedding Video couples with this full of hope love story. Mitchel is based in Dubai, while Lux is based in [...]

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Malaysian Couple 9.9.9, 9am Wedding in Manila

by Reality on September 15, 2009

Alex and Beatrice 9.9.9 at 9am Wedding in Manila. Why in the Philippines? Alex and Beatrice, both Malaysians, have decided to be wed at San Agustin Church last September 9, 2009 at 9am. The reason? It’s simple: Alex and Beatrice are Christian Catholics. They were greatly attracted to the churches in Manila, specially San Agustin [...]

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Dennis and Jencel Wedding Videos

by Reality on January 27, 2009

Jencel was a co-worker at ABS-CBN. We used to call her Jenga. She worked as a segment producer for Victim Undercover and I was the master editor. So most of the time, we spent long hours at the editing bay. During coffee breaks, we talk about life. Ah, one of our unforgettable talks was my [...]


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