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Robert was stunned during the interview probably because of his excitement. Since Reality Wedding Video utilizes not just interviews but also behind-the-scenes footages, I decided to include the out takes in the edit that emphasized the realness of the events. The Same Day Edit Wedding Video turned like a TV reality show. Kenette, too, was [...]

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Alex and Julie Same Day Edit Wedding Video

by Reality on July 27, 2010

Alex and Julie were present during my first wedding coverage ever. That was Anselme and Cathy’s wedding way back in January 2005.  I still remember joking with them, saying it was like their prenup shooting while we take shots of them in that wedding. 5 years later, I’m glad Alex and Julie still remember us. [...]

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Dennis and Jencel Wedding Videos

by Reality on January 27, 2009

Jencel was a co-worker at ABS-CBN. We used to call her Jenga. She worked as a segment producer for Victim Undercover and I was the master editor. So most of the time, we spent long hours at the editing bay. During coffee breaks, we talk about life. Ah, one of our unforgettable talks was my [...]


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