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Tagaytay Wedding

I asked Kaysie why a morning wedding. She said all her life she seldom saw the sunrise and so she wanted to see it on her wedding. 4am, we were already at Taal Vista for the on the day wedding preps. since using religious items for decoration. Kaysie wanted to see the crack of dawn [...]

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The same day edit wedding video became striking not only because of the beautiful wedding but because of Adel himself making every moment on cam funny. I remember what Janice said during one of our pre production meetings: just capturing Adel on cam as funny as he is in person will fulfill his only requirement [...]

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Batibot theme…Same Day Edit wedding video?

by Reality on July 14, 2009

A month before the wedding, we had our production meeting. Tian have so many ideas not just for the wedding video but as well as other wedding details. I love his idea for the door opening for the bride entrance (Watch the video to see how romantic and magical the plan was). As expected, the [...]


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