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Wedding Invitation Videos

by Reality on October 16, 2008

We’ve been producing wedding invitation videos since 2005. Andrew Gacer and Rizza San Agustin – 9 December 2005, Macky Ong and Mikee Abayan – December 10, 2005, Eugene Lambojon and Jane Ponce – 16 January 2006 and Peter Laforteza and Ia Sandoval – 17 June 2006 were among the first video invites we created. Last [...]

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Reality Wedding Video Company ID Version 2 by Buddy Gancenia. In this video, we features interesting wedding elements, including personal effects of both the bride and groom, and gives them a nostalgic treatment fit for posterity. The sincere voice of the introspective bride whose wedding prayer is that “God will make us who He wants [...]

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A wedding is more than just walking down the aisle… a wedding can also have suspense, drama and comedy. What ever kind of wedding you have, it will always be…special. Preserve the memories of your special day as they happen in a video that is more than a video…it’s REALITY. ———- Buddy Gancenia , a [...]

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